Hi and hello,

Here’s a short update how I am doing. I am pretty OK except I am still dead tired. I couldn’t sleep much during my travel from Finland to Japan and last night I slept 14 hours. So yes I was tired and still am.. Maybe tomorrow I will feel normal already. But I am super excited still :-)


Summary of my travel to Japan:

– Bus: I took a bus from my parent’s home city to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It took 4 hours..

– Flights: I flew first from Helsinki to Milan 3 hours, then I flew to Hong Kong 11 hours and from there 4 hours to Osaka.

– Train: I took a train from Osaka to Kyoto (around 75 minutes) with the help of nice Japanese students of my school and in Kyoto station there was a person waiting for me and we took a taxi to the dormitory.


I had a bit misfortune with me. I lost my laptop at the Hong Kong airport 30 minutes prior boarding time. I realized that I left it somewhere near me couple of minutes too late because I couldn’t find it anymore. So I tested right away how nice and helpful Asians were. And luckily the staff was very helpful and we found the laptop. Someone from the staff collected it right away when it was left alone. I was so relieved!! They have lots of announcements that do not leave your luggage alone. So kids, try to sleep before you go travelling..

Another misfortune is that my adaptor is not suitable for the plugs in my dormitory although the package said it should be. So I will write more later and send some pics. I borrowed an adaptor from another exchange student.


Here’s what I bought from my first trip to a grocery store:


I think I bought chocolate, noodles, salad with a dressing, blueberry yogurt, unripened cheese with flavor of black pepper, bananas, bread, soy souce, chips, alcoholic beer (there was loads of 0% beer) and something green staff in the middle.


I’ll write more later. Bai Bai (bye-bye)!



2 thoughts on “Konnichiwa!

  1. David says:

    Hi Jaana, great to hear you are ok and starting a new adventure. You definitely had to put more pictures. Cheers, David

    • Hi David! I’ll do my best. I’ll load pics here on my blog but also in my instagram account (you can find it on the right side of the blog). Have a nice autumn! :-))

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