Study, Explore & Experience

My weekdays are almost the same every week. I just go to the classes and then do the homework and study Japanese a lot. Finally I’ve learned hiragana and katakana and last week we started studying kanji. I am terrified… Assumably by the end of the semester I will know around 200 kanji characters. There are thousands of them in total… But it is very rewarding to study Japanese because the feeling is so great when you understand even a bit and specially when you find something new from the supermarket that you are able to eat. I don’t eat meat (red & white meat) so sometimes it is really depressing to try to find food because you can’t surely tell what’s inside the food.But now I am also able to ask ;-)

I also went to the university gym and the gym was quite well equipped so I think I’ll start going there weekly. I am also thinking about going to play basketball but it is not easy to find basketball shoes in my living area. Even one of the players said they buy their shoes from the internet. I actually have ordered shoes but the process is still not clear :-D I’ve been receiving long emails in Japanese from the online store so I will let you know if I actually succeed in getting the shoes.

Couple of weeks ago we went to Arashiyama where we visited Monkey Park and Bamboo forest. The Bamboo forest was breathtaking, and also the Monkey Park was great! The monkeys live on a mountain and visitors can visit the park and hang around with the monkeys. I also gave them bananas :-D They were so cute.





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