Haikus are surprisingly interesting

We’ve also studied here about haikus that are Japanese poets. I never really cared for poets because I couldn’t get anything out of them. They seem just to contain beautiful words and nice constructions. But haikus –  they appealed to me right away. Haikus are not really about the choice of words. It is rather about writing a descriptive image where the image can represent a feeling. One should write about their real experiences and not from imagination. Haikus usually include 17 syllables but we wrote haikus that have either 17 syllables or three lines.

Here’s one famous haiku for an example:

The old pond
a frog jumps in
sound of water

Furuike ya
kawazu tobikomu
mizu no oto

– Matsuo Basho


And then here are my haikus that I wrote for a course assignment:

A falling momiji (= autumn leaf)
Looking for its place
Perfecting the bed of autumn leaves

A letter in my mailbox
Ripping the envelope open
Like I used to open Kinder Egg

Mirror reflection
River like a canvas
True aquarelle painting

I have to write another 10 haikus for another course but I am actually excited about it. :-D never thought I’d get excited about writing poems..


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