First day in Southeast Asia

I decided that I’ll try to write short updates about my trip. Today I arrived to Hanoi. I was so nervous and sure that things won’t go smoothly with the immigration inspection and with the way from the airport to my hostel. In the end the immigration officers didn’t really even care that I don’t have a visa or a flight ticket out of Vietnam, and the way from the airport to my hostel was a “taste” of real Vietnam. The bus that I wanted to take was already moving but the nice guys outside the bus ran after the bus and stopped it for me. Then me and the backpack size of me went to sit in the front. I mean really in the front and next to the driver :-D I saw the whole way from the airport to the center. I knew the traffic would be crazy but that view made me almost pee in my pants, hehe. I also got a ride from the center to my hostel with a motorcycle. Yep, me and my backpack and a driver (who made me pay a bit more that was agreed, argh) on a motorcycle. That was crazy!

Today I just decided to go to the center and walk around. I also met a nice girl from Germany who is also travelling alone. We went to see Water Puppet show which was quite interesting. Never seen anything like that.. Basically there were water and the puppets were playing in that. There was also a band that sounded very nice but the people looked bored to death. I guess the same people make the same show every day (multiple times).

First impression from Hanoi is that the traffic is crazy (people just drive everywhere, really close to you and they use a horn A LOT), it is loud and there are many people who want something from you (but they leave you alone when you show no interest), there is lots of tasty looking street food and one should be careful of robbers (I bought a money pouch right away). Taking photos with a phone is apparently risky so I guess I’ll be very picky about what I will photograph. And I think I will only load them to instagram (see on the right side of the blog).

The currency is also crazy. I am like a millioner! One euro is around 24 200 Vietnamise dongs.


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