If you feel stupid then you should read this

Because then you will realize that there is someone who is even more stupid than you.. me :-D

I had this mad plan that I wanted to cycle from Seta (where I am living) to Kyoto and now I had a chance to make it happen. I wanted to sell my bike to another student who is studying in another campus, Fukakusa campus. So I had this romantic idea of riding my bicycle to Fukakusa.. my goal was to get an exercise, enjoy Kyoto / Japan differently and sell the bike. The distance was supposed to be around 19km.

To make you feel better already I can tell you that one of those things above didn’t happen! I am sure we all know what that is :-D yep, selling the bike. I didn’t mention that I didn’t have internet (because I was sure I could make it without it) and I didn’t have a proper map or directions. I had just taken few screenshots from google maps.. this is making me laugh so much now that I think about it afterwards.

Luckily I achieved at least two of the goals. Yep, I got a gooood exercise and I saw Kyoto differently. Weather forecast promised sun. I got sun, and also a bit of snow and snow grains. I thought that the mountain would be my biggest obstacle but no – it was Kyoto!! After I found my way to the other side of the mountain, everything became a bit more exciting. Too exciting. I wanted to take the straightest way to Fukakusa but I found myself from Yamashina… pretty far from Fukakusa. After that it was just impossible to find Fukakusa even though it seemed that I was all the time quite near. Every time I asked for an advice to Fukakusa, the answer was “around 30 minutes that way”. Well my 30 minutes changed into almost two hours and I was still just near Fukakusa :-D haha. So the last person who I asked help took me to a station and I decided to give up. I couldn’t find Fukakusa. And I couldn’t sell the bike to the person I intended because I couldn’t take the bike to the train. So I had two options…..

.. to either cowardlessly abandon it or give it to someone. So I decided to give my bike for free to the lady that walked with me to the train station that took me to Kyoto (of course passing the station near Fukakusa, “only” 2 stops away). She and her friends put lots of effort on understanding my very poor Japanese and walked me to the station so it was an easy decision. And she looked so happy and perplexed when I asked whether she would like to have my bike.

Even though the main point of the trip didn’t happen, I am still happy that I cycled to Kyoto. I spoke with many Japanese and they were all so nice to me and helpful. Also I rode the bike in places where I assume the people haven’t seen many foreigners in those areas by the way they looked at me. Today I got a reminder that what is best in Kyoto / Japan – the street scene, mountains and helpful and friendly people.

So here is the final moment of laugh – I cycled for four hours :-D So I really got the workout that I wanted.

Now I am getting ready for a “all you can drink and eat” party.. I need a drink!