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Konnichiwa! I’m Jaana, the person behind this blog. I will live in Kyoto, Japan, for five months and I want to share my adventure with the rest of the world via this blog. I have never been in Japan, nor in Asia, before this and I have not studied any Japanese. Be ready for surprising and cracking stories!

Me in a nutshell:
✪ I am quirky Aquarius, and I was born in 1987 in Finland
✪ I grew up in a cute town named Noormarkku, and I have lived in Pori, Tampere, Helsinki, Kuopio and St. Petersburg (Russia)
✪ Food, friends, bad jokes, sports, travelling and work keep me happy and balanced
✪ I am studying Innovation Management in Business School of UEF, and I have a diploma of Bachelor of Business Administation from TAMK
✪ If you are interested about my work history, then please check my LinkedIn CV


Got questions, job offers, or something else interesting to tell me? Feel free to contact me by email:


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